In this age, most businesses first step into setting up their business is to create a Facebook Page. With over 65million Facebook Pages and over 2 billion active accounts since 2017, business owners also reach to Facebook to promote their business. However, these businesses owners overlooked one important piece that their Facebook Page and do for them, and that is being the best CMS in the world for their website.

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It is all about running a business – photo by G. Crescoli

What is a CMS?

For those who might not know, CMS stands for Content Managment System. It controls what appears on your website and is how you update your website too. If you used blogger before, you had an experience with a CMS.

Facebook as your CMS

Now that you know what a CMS is, take a look at your Facebook Page. It provides many fields for you to fill in for your business neater and easier than any WYSIWYG. You can easily update your Facebook Page by posting something to your feed. All these are basically what you need to create a website and you are doing it on a daily basis. Who says creating a website is difficult.

Why use Facebook as my CMS?

You Facebook Page is like a terminal station, all traffic ends up there. You can share anything to your Facebook Page, like Instagram and YouTube. Imagine all of these updates being sent to your website without you needing to do anything. Your website now is frequently updated through your Facebook Page and that helps your SEO ranking.

What about other websites builders?

There are many website builders out there indeed, but running a business is already tough on you. Gone are the days where you force yourself to spend hours or even days learning a new system. There is zero learning curve when using your Facebook Page. By using your Facebook Page as your website’s CMS, you save a lot of time with all your online updates as you only need to just update your Facebook Page and your website gets updated along with it. This essentially combines all your online marketing into one platform.

Is this even possible? How does it work?

With Horlu, it is not only possible, it is a reality. Horlu collects all the information available on your Facebook Page and neatly arranges them on your website. Information such as your About section will be seamlessly brought over to your website, leaving you with minimal changes needed. Horlu makes website creation as easy as plug and play, enter your Facebook Page and you will be a proud owner of a website that suits your business style.

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