Horlu's POTD #2: Houseplants

This week, we pay homage to houseplants. Houseplants are the epitome of objects that are seen but not heard.

A houseplant can be a small potted succulent on a desk or a sentry that watches over the door.  Still yet vibrant, this collection acknowledges the quiet existence of this unsung heroes.

Here’s a montage of some of the shots that we’ve curated for this POTD. Simply click anywhere on the gallery to explore the full collection on Valerie Loh’s page on Unsplash.

Horlu POTD #2 Houseplants Gallery


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All images are curated by Valerie Loh who is part of the team of invite-only Notable Collectors on Unsplash – the world’s most generous community of photographers. If you like this collection, follow me on Unsplash to see all my curations.