Horlu's POTD #1: Beginnings
The official thumbnail for Horlu’s POTD #1: Beginnings

For 2018, we are starting a new photography curation segment called “POTD”. Every week, based a theme, we will curate beautiful photography from various photography communities. These photos are completely FREE to use in anyway you like. Print them or use them on your website, in your menus, in your posters. Just don’t pretend you own them and credit the photographer where possible.

This week’s theme is Beginnings.  Warm colors, sparks, blooms, light and shadows convey the mood of creativity, excitement and anticipation that January represents. The moment before you bite into a swollen, ripe fig. The first step before a long journey. The spark and smoke that fill your lungs as the fireworks explode overhead. The berries waiting to be plucked as the ice melts. The blooms that emerge sleepily from their winter slumber. The warm hand in yours that will guide you through life’s ups and downs. The brush of grass tickling your palm merrily in the spring breeze. The best images fires your imaginations, tastebuds and memories.

Simply click on the image or the link to download the full resolution version. We hope you enjoy our selections. Do let us know if these pictures have inspired you to create!


Fruit Tree Harvest
by Brooke Lark
Sunset between buildings
by Matt Antonioli


Men staring ahead
by Samuel Zeller
Wedding couple Dalat mountains
by Bin Thiều
Light, person, boy and face
by Christopher Campbell
Berry, winter, red, branch
by Maria Mekht
by Lisheng Chang
Hand, arm, golden, fields
by Oliver Pacas


Mornings in Andalusia, Spain
by Sarah Dorweiler

All images are curated by Valerie Loh who is part of the team of invite-only Notable Collectors on Unsplash – the world’s most generous community of photographers. If you like this collection, follow me on Unsplash to see all my curations.