Website traffic is life for a website. In this post, we will look at how to increase your website traffic for free. When we talk about traffic, we are referring to how many people visit your website. The main objective is to get as many people to visit your website as possible and best of, get more website traffic without paying for traffic.

Human site traffic on the street of Takeshita Dori in Japan.
Don’t you wish this traffic was headed your website’s way?

Website traffic vs Backlinks

What is the difference between backlinks and website traffic? Backlinks increase your ranking on search engines while website traffic is your visitor count. Backlinks face the Nofollow issue while Traffic does not. Do not worry about nofollow links with regards to website traffic as your links will still be clickable and therefore, count as a visitor. Not sure what nofollow means? Check out my article on backlinks over here. 

Write high-quality blog articles to improve your website traffic

A great way to raise the profile of your website is to make other people share your website’s link. To do so, you should create attractive content and write quality articles that are readable. Write about topics that you have expert knowledge on or feeling deeply passionate about. Write with your readers in mind. While your blog plays a big role in improving your website’s SEO, never write with the search engine in mind. Avoiding mindless stuffing of keywords and search queries. Instead, focus on creating useful content with readers and like-minded people in mind.

Faster loading websites helps improve traffic

Make sure your website load as quickly as possible. Kissmetrics created this infographic which shows you how even 1 sec makes a lot of difference. You can test your website speed using one of the many free speed testers online like this. Try to aim for a load time of 3 seconds or less. If your website takes awhile to load, try to reduce the size of your images. There are many images resizing services out there such as B.I.R.M.E.

Website Traffic Gridlock: Danger zones to avoid

Getting visitors to your website is a lot of hard work but do not even think about buying traffic. Not only paying for traffic is really just getting some numbers for show, they typically will not convert to sales either. Worse yet, your SEO might be adversely affected as search engines can detect inflated and unrelated traffic spikes. If you want even more people to know about your website and business, you can share your links on social media and blogging websites such as Medium. Additionally, you can also share relevant articles from your blog on selected topics on Quora to enhance your authority on a subject matter of your choice.


When it comes to website traffic, your aim is to get as many people visiting your website as possible in hopes that they will convert to your customers. The best way to get high volumes of website traffic for free is to keep creating original, high-quality content and make sure your website is linked on credible websites.