Hiring late is better! Yup, I said it. Personal experience has told me that hiring your sales position late is better and cost-saving. But what do I really mean by hire late? Read on.

To show founder to do more than relying only on hiring when they have not enough runway
You can always Do More. Photo by: Carl Heyerdahl

Rushed to wait

During a startup gather, I met a startup eager to fill their sales position. Claiming the imminent launch of their product, they were out asking everyone to assist them in their hiring endeavour.

One day, their main developer left due to some internal dispute and the timeline went to hell. By then, the sales and marketing team had a long list of potential clients and even clients with the intent to purchase.

As time goes by, no other developer proved capable enough to achieve the promise date. The hotlist soon grew cold and the promise of funds backed out. With nothing to sell, he had no choice but to let his team go.

Later, not never

In the world of startup, it is really hard to pinpoint when an exact release date is and other worst-case scenarios.

There is no harm in waiting until you are ready then engaging in an all-out effort to hire. Unlike other positions, the sales position is one that easily fills up.

Following the lesson that my peer went through, it is wise to have tried and tested the product before hiring. The moment your marketing team grows the lead and hands it off to the sales team, you can immediately close the deal instead of promising them a release date. Simple as that.

Anxious? Do it yourself first

Another flaw I noticed about some startups is, at the early stages they rather hire than take up more task. While waiting for the product to reach the promised date, you can always work on a list yourself.

Before hiring, the founders should identify the target audience, do some case studies and of course, identify the product-market fit. With that data prepared, your marketing team can expand on it and when your product is ready, your sales can go all out.

Be wise, be product ready. Now if you really need some traffic, why not get it for free?