Getting an office pet is not something companies have thought about or actively consider. But what better way to increase productivity than having a warm fluffy animal to be all cute during working hours.

To show what an office pet looks like
Yuzu, the true boss

How the idea came about

Almost everyone dreads going to work, be it a big company or a small Startup (like Horlu). To create a better reason to come to work, I thought of things such as “increase salary”, “company dinners” etc. None really strikes as anything more than a “bribery”. Then one day, the best idea appeared on my Facebook messenger. An Office Pet.

The arrival of the office pet

So, after sharing the photo and a long serious discussion with the team, I was certain of getting an office pet. That is when Yuzu, a female Scottish-fold cat came under our payroll for the position of “Office Pet”.

The moment Yuzu stepped into the working space, the atmosphere in the office immediately lighten up. No longer the stuffy air of people dead focus on their work. Almost everyone took turns paying attention to her. Almost forgetting that it is actually working hours.

The benefits of having an office pet

Now that we have Yuzu for a few months, here are some of my observation

My employees would start to come to work earlier (read: on-time) or stay a bit later just to interact with Yuzu. I have also noticed that when an employee of mine is under stress due to work or personal issues, they will naturally find Yuzu and it gives them some comfort.

Just the sound of Yuzu running around the office is enough for everyone to feel a little joy in their life.

The downside, yes, there is one

While cats rarely need much attention, Yuzu, however, likes to be around people. Once in a while, someone will have to stop work to either entertain Yuzu or because Yuzu is sitting on their keyboard.

Tiny little issues, but it is actually a joy to be the “chosen one”.

There are also days where Yuzu hates being around people, which is a bummer.

Get an office pet today

In summary, having an office pet around helps to boost morale and overall employee psychology. It is always good to have something to talk about other than work. Do not just take it from me, even the Business Insider believes in having an office pet.

Now, if I managed to convince you, please do remember that having a pet, be it office pet or home pet, it is a big responsibility that you will have to easily carry for 10 years or so.

Besides having a pyshical pet, businesses should also consider having a pet spider to help with your online presence. Also, feel free to follow Yuzu on her instagram.