Everyone is asking how do I start creating Facebook Ads? I have created this step-by-step guide, don’t say I never share.

Facebook Business: To start creating a Facebook Ad, you will need to visit Facebook Business. Obviously, if you don’t have a Facebook Account, you will need to create one before moving to the next step.

Create a Page: If you are promoting your business and you don’t have a Facebook Page, you will want to create one for your business. So go ahead and click on that “Create a Page” button before proceeding. Don’t worry, we’ll wait here for you.

Facebook Business
Facebook Business — The beginning of your digital marketing journey

After you’ve created an account and a Page, you are now finally ready to create your very first Facebook Ad. Click on the “Create an Advert” button to get started

Campaign Objective

Adverts Manager, Facebook Business
Setting your Campaign Objective
What it is

“Campaign Objective” is the goal of your Facebook Ad. Everything else will be built around the objective you set here.


Choose an “Objective” that aligns with your primary marketing goal in mind

What are these Objectives?

There are 10 objectives in 3 categories (Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion) for you to choose from. Each objective corresponds to a marketing goal.

Awareness — Making your brand known

An image of a brand awareness ad
An example of Brand Awareness ad
  1. Brand Awareness — Create awareness for your brand by reaching out to people who are likely to be interested
  2. Reach — Show your advert to as many people as possible regardless of interest

Consideration — Increasing potential business opportunities

Engagement, Traffic, Facebook Ad
An example of Engagement and Traffic ad


  1. Traffic — Send more people to a destination within Facebook (e.g. a Post) or to an offsite link outside Facebook (e.g. your website)
  2. Engagement — Get more Likes, RSVPs to your Events, Offer claims, and overall engagement on your Page
  3. App Installs — Literally getting more people to install your Facebook App
  4. Video Views — Get more video views
  5. Lead Generation — Generate more potential sales leads from people interested in your brand

Conversion — Closing the deal

Facebook Business, Facebook Ad
An example of a Product Catalogue Sales ad
  1. Conversions — Drive people to perform actions that translate into a business value (e.g. get more sign-ups for a promotion)
  2. Product Catalogue Sales — Facebook automatically creates product catalogue from the products you already uploaded to your Facebook Page to appeal to your target audience
  3. Store Visits — Advertise to interested people in the vicinity to visit your brick-and-mortar store

Which objective is right for me?

The most suitable object will be the one that best aligns with your marketing goal. If you haven’t already done so, spend some time thinking about what aspect of your business do you want to market? A young business might be interested in spreading brand awareness, while an established online shop might want to promote its latest shipment of products.

Warning: Facebook Ads has some bugs and one of them is, if you left your ad half done and plan to come back to finish it, there is a chance that it may be deleted and you will have to redo.

This marks the end of the first half of creating a Facebook Ad. I hope my experience is able to help you up till here! I will share more in the next post!

This is the first part of the series on our experience with Facebook Ads. In our next post, we will continue with Advert Account.