Christmas is known as the season of giving, shopping, and glittery decorations, but for me, it holds a stronger meaning for me.

Turkey, Christmas Food, Food, Cooking
What my typical Christmas feast looks like.

Christmas in my family

Christmas has always been about noisy and boisterous family gatherings! Imagine a 5-room HDB with more than 20 people squeezed in the living room!  Christmas is a great excuse to have a family gathering and boy, do we love gatherings! People come and go, relationships blossom and wither but year after year we still look forward to gathering over way too much food.

Turkey for life

When I was working as a cook, I really wanted to try my hand at baking a turkey. A 4, 5kg bird is just way too costly (and massive!) to be an everyday affair, but I really, really wanted to make turkey, so I decided to start a new “tradition”.

Turkey, Christmas, Baked
One of my turkey creations

Every Christmas eve, the baking of the turkey is the highlight of my December. But once, I could not bake my turkey because I had to work. Eventually, I decided to quit my job so I could continue this tradition. Yes, that is how important this turkey is to me. Besides the satisfaction of baking each turkey successfully, it brings me happiness knowing that our Christmas feast brings family and dear friends together.

Then came Japan

One random year, I had a chance to visit Japan during Christmas. That trip got me addicted to visiting Japan during the Christmas season. Why? From December to January, it is just like GSS but with a tax refund. Hey, I am still a Singaporean and I love a good discount. Besides that, Japan has, in my opinion, the best customer service in the world. You can read about the secrets I learned from them here.

The future of Christmas for me

I really hope to keep our family Christmas tradition going. I look forward to having my own place that’s large enough to host our rowdy Christmas parties. With lots of turkeys. And food. And laughter.

Merry Christmas to everyone!?  Now go hug your family! ❤