Here’s the story of what inspired us to create Horlu, Singapore’s first intelligent website creator.

Throughout the years, the brief remains unchanged: most small business owners need a website to market their business online. While hiring a web design house is expensive yet even fewer business owners can design and build their site themselves. While website builders like Wix are cheap they require a lot of time and effort to create a nice-looking website.

Over 40 million small business owners have Facebook Pages but less than half have a website because it’s easier to keep their Facebook Page updated.

It got us thinking.

Since people find it easy to update their Facebook Pages, therefore it would be great if they could manage their website using Facebook. Hence, we made it one of the top features of Horlu.

What is Horlu?

Horlu is an intelligent website creator that designs a website for your business based on the photos and content on your business Facebook Page.

Why is Horlu an intelligent website creator?

Horlu can intelligently:

• Create color palettes from your business Profile Photo
• Design your website based on the photos you’ve uploaded.
• Create content for you using your business information on Facebook
• Automatically update your site with every new Facebook post you make.

Horlu is instant and super easy-to-use

Your website will be fully designed and built by Horlu in minutes.  Since Horlu designs your website for you, you don’t have to fiddle with drag-and-drop or install misleading templates. With Horlu, your website will look polished and professional.

Interested to try Horlu? Be a beta tester today and enjoy special rates and privileges!