Hiring a web design houses used to be was the only way a business could get a website made.  But in this technology age,  business owners have cutting-edge automatic website creators like Horlu. Here are 5 top reasons why web design houses must die and make way for newer, more cost-efficient website solutions.

An example of the corny stock images that web design houses like to use
Come on, does she REALLY works for you?

1) Traditional web design and development is expensive as f*ck

All businesses need a simple, professional website that represents their business clearly.  Web design houses rate cards start from a couple hundred dollars per hour to tens of thousands per project. Shelling out thousands of dollars can be just too much for those who are starting out,

2) Most web design houses do really bad designs

Most of these web design houses have incredibly tacky and outdated designs. While most of them will claim that they offer responsive web design, do you really want your business website to feature the skeuomorphic Apple UI from iOS 6? What about that same, tired stock photo of that smiling blond woman in a business suit gracing your Contact Us page? Is it believable? Will this inspire your client to trust your business? I doubt so.

3) Web design houses take incredibly long to build a website

Far too many web design houses rely on offshore resources to keep costs low while others may choose to work more profitable projects first. As a result, your web design house may take weeks, months, even years to build your website! Since Google takes time to index and rank your website every day that you do not have a website is a day lost to market your business to billions of people digitally.

4) “Modern” designs, poor usability

Your web designer may think that tiny, 10px font size in soft gray looks so modern and chic against a white background but the usability of your website is fading into obscurity. Immersive, full-width photography is great but beware your website performance. Google values websites with legible font sizes and generous tap targets as well as properly optimized images. This ensures your visitors visiting your website on a mobile device won’t be in a hurry to hit the “BACK” button to save their eyesight and mobile data!

5) SEO not included

Most web development houses do offer some SEO services but these are typically not included in your website creation package. Most SEO experts charge at least $1,500 per year to help you formulate and strategize your business website’s SEO. What’s more, those rates seldom include content-creation (e.g. SEO focused blog writing) or implementation (e.g. scheduling and management of your Facebook Page).

So, what can Horlu do for me?

Horlu will create a completely bespoke website for your business based on the photos, color and post frequency of your Facebook Page. We will study your business logo and pick out a colour palette to determine your website’s colour. Next, we will design the layout of your website by various properties of the photos you’ve uploaded to you to Facebook. Finally, we will use the public information on your business Facebook Page to create relevant information for your website. From your News Feed to Reviews so you decide exactly what you want to display on your site. Horlu will also automatically update your new site so you will never have to worry about managing your website AND Facebook Page.

Best of all, Horlu is lightning fast. Your website will be designed in mere minutes. No drag and drop to fiddle with and absolutely no misleading templates. The finished product is a polished looking website with well-selected images and thoughtful colors that complement your logo and will be priced very competitively.

Interested to try Horlu? Come join our closed beta preview now!