When we think about customer service, Japan always comes to mind, at least to my otaku mind lah! They keep waving goodbye at you until you cannot be seen before they return to work, siao right!? We do not need to go to that extent, but we can learn a thing or two from the Japanese about customer service.

Smiling female rickshaw driver offering an amazing customer service experience.
Smiling female rickshaw driver offering an amazing customer service experience.

Customer service secret 1:  私もお客です

When I was working with a Japanese company, I learned this saying “ 私もお客です” which translate to “I am a customer too”. This teaches you to imagine yourself as the customer and with that thought in mind, serve your customers as though you are serving yourself.

Customer service secret 2: おもてなしの心

The second secret I learned from the Japanese was “おもてなしの心”, it loosely translates to “the heart of consideration and anticipation”. Within the service industry, this teaching emphasizes on serving the customer with consideration and anticipating their needs. Observing minor details like keeping your customer’s water glass topped up can really enhance the customer service experience. Simple actions like these are the secret.

Customer service secret 3: お名前は?

“お名前は?” translate directly to “what is your name?”. Most of us feel very special when a server addresses us by name, especially when you are not expecting personalized service. While serving your customer, introduce yourself and then ask your customer how would they like to be addressed. You can create a personalized experience for your customer simply by addressing him by name.

Customer service secret 4: 一期一会

“一期一会” means “Treasure every encounter as it is special”. This saying tells us to cherish every encounter we have. By always giving your best to your customers to create a lasting experience for them and yourself. A great way to engage in conversation with the customer by share interesting anecdotes or insider tips related to their current or upcoming experiences. Your customers will feel special and exceptionally valued. Don’t be surprised if they return asking for you again. Yes, YOU.

It always starts with a smile 🙂

Treat people how you want to be treated. By being in the customer’s shoes, it becomes easy to empathize with them and offer your best service and. Great customer service always starts with a genuine smile and a desire to provide great service with every step of the way. With this, you are on your way to building a loyal customer base.